About McLaughlin Garden & Homestead

Visit one of Maine's favorite public gardens.

The McLaughlin Garden is home to one of the largest privately cultivated collections of lilacs in New England. Offering over 125 varieties of lilacs on more than 200 trees, the garden collection also includes an impressive array of native wildflowers, hosta, daylily, astilbe, iris, phlox, and ferns. Each year, the McLaughlin Garden welcomes thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the gardens in our historic location and take part in our special programs and events.

The centuries-old landmark, its two-acre garden, historic barn, and homestead are under the stewardship of the McLaughlin Foundation, a nonprofit organization.


The McLaughlin Garden & Homestead cultivates a beautiful and

healthy environment where discovery, creativity, and connections are nurtured. 


We are a cultural anchor and dynamic garden, vital to the well-being of our lives.

The McLaughlin Foundation non-profit organization, under the IRS code 501 (c)3. All donations are tax deductible.